Who we are & what we do

"We Bring you the Technologies You need" is the spirit of Mustafa Computers & Peripherals, although it may seem to be a simple slogan, but there is much more behind it. Our ultimate goal is to make our valued customers happy and satisfied. To achieve this target, we demand 100% perfection for our products, and continuously looking out for innovation, and we believe, this is the only way we can stay competitive in the market.

Do remember, we are different than others

Mustafa Computers & Peripherals was founded in year 1999. We started our business as one of the PC system integrators with our own brand i.e PROLINE. We became the Authorised/Genuine Intel® Dealer of INTEL ® Pakistan Corporation since we started. We now possess rich experience in system integration and selling IT services focusing on rules and regulations to assure a long term relationship with our customers to suit their needs and reach their best satisfaction.

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Cleintele overview

What are guarantees & Support

  • Superior warranty program of 24 hours support.
  • Expert engineers and fully educated supervisor for site assistance
  • Our sales department team co-operates with the customers to give the right solution to suit their requirement

What we have been up to

  • Intel Compute Stick
    Get more out of your TV
    Stream, Play, Surf, Tweet
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  • Mini-ITX Casing for INTEL (R)ATOM
    Mini-ITX is an extraordinary stylish living room pc or media center PC, with 3.5" HDD, Optical Drive, PCI Slot
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  • Power Supply Tester Series
    Featuring a back-light, bright blue LCD display - this tester can verify that every part of your power supply is operational
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